6 Secluded Peaks in the Italian Alps you’ve Probably Never Heard of

photography by: Silvia Zeni

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Italy is world renowned for its outstanding cuisine and incredibly rich history and culture, ubiquitously reflected throughout the boot shaped peninsula and far beyond. While most tourists associate Italy with its iconic food items and architectural gems, the country is also home to formidable and wild natural scenery. Tucked away near the Austrian border, deep in the Italian Alps, the autonomous province of Trentino serves as a magnet for visitors from all over the globe, flocking in masses to enjoy its breathtaking and epic views, yet despite its growing popularity, there are still plenty of secluded nooks, remarkably undisturbed, six of which are especially worth the effort.

Cima del Canfedin

Marvelously surrounded by alpine meadows, Cima Canfedin Peak rises 2,034 meters above sea level, making it the second highest along the Brenta Dolomites mountain range. In striking contrast to the adjacent Paganella mountain, famous for its ski resorts and bike trails, Cima del Canfedin has a much more laid back vibe, visited primarily by intrepid hikers.


While the climb might be physically intense, the reward definitely worth the effort, as the summit provides a mind-boggling 360° panoramic view of Trentino region, encompassing both Garda Lake and the Dolomites.
If you manage to wake up before dawn and reach the top of the mountain while it’s still dark, you’ll have a rare chance to witness the “Enrosadira”, a unique phenomenon, where the morning sunlight paints the mineral-rich cliffs around in stunning pinkish and orange hues.


To reach Cima del Canfedin, take the ski chairlift to Mt. Paganella, then trail no.605 to Passo di S. Antonio and from there hike on trail no.602, directly to the peak.

Macaion Mount

Starting at the lake of Tret, a hidden gem nestled deep in the woods, the trek to Macaion Mountain is worthy by its own right, blessed with myriads of charming nooks across the forested slope. Following roughly two hours of hiking, you unexpectedly wind up at the edge of a giant cliff, shocked by the sheer magnificence that engulfs your eyes and mind.


The awesome panorama offers an expansive glimpse of the Adige Valley, dotted with plenty of small villages, appearing as ant nests from that elevation, while oppositely, the South Tyrol Dolomties, the Austrian Alps and Trentino’s Mountain foots form together a scenic natural wall.


Also known as Gantkofel, Macaion Mountain is the epicenter of an old tradition called the “Sacred Heart Fires”, where cross shaped bonfires are lit up on the mountainside’s woodland at every third Sunday of June, lighting the night with an unforgettable spectacle to awe at.

Corvo Lakes

Formed by glacial waters over the course of several millennia, Corvo Lakes are one of the province’s best kept secrets, immersed in an endless serenity that will captivates the souls of any nature lover.


While the hiking trail entails a relatively strong fitness, the stunning views definitely make up for the physical efforts.
Starting at a typical mountain cottage, the trail ascends through a forest and craggy terrain, where after a while you reach the Stella Alpina mountain hut, a typical alpine shelter made of stones and wood, the perfect place to sip an Italian style espresso or macchiato.


A short distance away and you find yourself at the first alpine lake, and as you move further along the trail you come across more and more lakes, ultimately reaching the three thousand meter high summit, called Collecchio, encircled by plenty of formidable mountains, punctuated with small alpine huts, and as you focus your look on the opposite direction, you’ll have a breathtaking glance of the numerous lakes of Corvo.

Rifugio Segantini

Perching atop an elevated point at the foot of Cima Presanella, Trentino’s highest peak, Segantini mountain hut is a typical red roofed alpine lodge, offering an exceptional experience accompanied by many amenities, including an outdoor restaurant dishing out locally crafted bites on the backdrop of the Alpine landscape.


The lodge serves as gateway for travelers who wish to explore the vast number of lakes, waterfalls, creeks and mountain peaks at the area, one of which is the magnificent Lago Nero, a dark lake whose watery surface beautifully reflects the surrounding snowy Dolomites, alternatively, the twin lakes of Cornisello, with their pristine turquoise water, are a great option for a one day trip, as this hidden body of water is immersed in the scenic alpine nature, perfectly suited for whoever desperately needs a break from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Vioz Mount

The highest summit in Trentino that is accessible during summertime without any professional gear like traction cleats, climbing harness or ropes, Mt. Vioz can be climbed solely with a backpack and a pair of durable shoes.
To start your journey, you would first have to take the ski lift to Doss dei Cembri at 2,300 meters above sea level, and from there you have additional 1,350 meters to the top of Vioz Mountain.


Suffice to say that ascending the trail upwards is not an easy task, as the steep and craggy terrain requires a lot of strength and determination, nevertheless, once you reach Vioz Mountain hut and then Punta Linke, the stunning views that await you absolutely make up for the enormous toiling climb. With mountains as far as the eye can see, the gorgeous vista is undoubtedly the peak’s main appeal, yet far from being the only one, as you can find around also a First-World-War defense foxhole and a crossable flat part of a mountainous glacier, especially refreshing during the summer months.

Piz Galin

Dramatically soaring over my home-village of Andalo, the Pyramid-shaped mountain of Piz Galin is the easternmost summit of the Brenta Dolomites, and a prominent symbol for the villagers, defining their local identity.
The best way to get to the top is by a 3 hour hike directly from the village, alternatively, you can take the gondola lift from nearby Molveno to an uphill glade, and from there reach the mountain through a forest trail.


Once at the summit, you’ll be struck by the breathtaking vista of the surrounding mountains and Molveno Lake, one of the clearest alpine lakes in Italy, that besides being visually beautiful, it’s also swimmable.
Interestingly, Piz Galin peak is crowned by a hexagonally shaped stainless steel cross that welcomes climbers with twinkling shine, created during the 1990’s by a local artist and blacksmith, whom I’m proud to a daughter to.

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photography by: Silvia Zeni