The Cone, Bergen – an Oddly Shaped Tree-House in the City’s Iconic Pine Forest

The Cone, Bergen

photography by: Omri Westmark

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One of Bergen’s numerous wooded mountains, Fløyen recently became a popular destination among tourists who flock in masses to enjoy its scenic views of the entire city alongside the surrounding nature. Slightly off Fløyen’s beaten path is the Cone, a treehouse hanging amid formidable pine trees. The unusual structure serves a quirky lodge for incredibly intrepid vacationists who wish to fully submit to Bergen’s pristine wilderness.

Overlooking the metropolitan area of Bergen, Fløyen is a 400-meter-tall verdant mountain, linked to the city by a network of steep roads and trails as well as the Fløibanen funicular, whose upper station serves as a tourist complex with shops, observation deck and a famous troll sculpture. While most visitors stick to the station and its breathtaking lookout, the nearby forest is home to a couple of unusual attractions, one of which, the Cone, offers a somewhat different lodging experience.


Hanging roughly three meters over a narrow creek in the middle of the forest, the Cone is a wooden treehouse which was built as a sleeping cabin for plucky tourists. Aptly named the Cone to reflect its shape and coniferous surroundings, the house was constructed using primarily locally sourced pine and spruce.


Created by architect Jacob Schroll and carpenter Ole Iden, the treehouse was made according to the same building techniques used by the Vikings to construct their well-renowned boats. By exposing the wooden planks to extremely hot steam, it is possible to then twist the soften timber into a round shape. To create its final cone-like appearance, the cabin was covered by hundreds of individual shingles, made entirely out of Norwegian spruce.


This oddly shaped lodge is connected to the ground by a swinging ladder, while inside, it has two beds and one table, enough to accommodate up to 2 adults and 2 children. Visitors who wish to stay in the Cone can book the place for 1650 Norwegian Krones per night (165 USD) at the official website. Bear in my mind that the toilet room is located outside while the accommodation includes only pillows, mattresses and a minimal heating, but what the Cone lacks in convenience it more than makes up for in a mesmerizing experience amid Bergen’s secluded forest.