The World's Lesser Known Places

June 5, 2023 01:57

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Have a glimpse of the world's lesser known countries, cities, towns, villages and places

Plage du Petit Nice Marseille France 2 Lettres MARSEILLE Marseille France 7

Hidden Gems

8 Hidden Gems and Non-Touristy Things to See in Marseille, France

It might come as a surprise, but alongside Marseille’s famous sites are also a series of hidden gems that offer a refreshing respite from the otherwise overcrowded attractions.

Half Desert Dubai United Arab Emirates 13 Half Desert Dubai United Arab Emirates 11

Natural Oddities

Half Desert Road, Dubai’s Sand-Covered Streets

Half Desert is an abandoned network of roads which has been encroached by the surrounding dunes for the past decade or so, offering a myriad of surreal sights to awe at.

Arbol de la Vida San Bernardino Paraguay 8 Arbol de la Vida San Bernardino Paraguay 2

Natural Monuments

Arbol de la Vida, San Bernardino’s Enchanting Tree

In the heart of San Bernardino lies a luxuriant tree, whose past is closely intertwined with the town’s early days while its present reflects its transformation into a coveted getaway.