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August 2, 2021 16:32

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smederevo serbia fortress danube view smederevo serbia city center

Small Towns

A Glimpse of Smederevo, Serbia

While modern-day Smederevo is far cry from its once political and cultural significance, it's still a pleasant and intriguing mid-sized city to explore, most renowned for its medieval fortress, the largest lowland fortress in Europe.

grimsey iceland icelandic horse grimsey iceland nature

Remote Islands

Grímsey, Iceland’s Faraway Island (Tips and Info)

The remote island of Grimsey, 40 kilometers further north off Iceland's coast, remains largely unspoiled by commercial tourism. Less than 100 people permanently reside in the island, eclipsed by more than one million seabirds that call this small speck of land home.

golubac fortress serbia danube view golubac fortress serbia cannon tower aerial

Medieval Forts

Golubac Fortress, the Danube’s Most Formidable Landmark

There are very few sites anywhere in the world that authentically reflect the history of their respective countries, and while Serbia's Golubac Fortress is relatively anonymous on global scale, it cannot be overstated how much this citadel is nationally significant.