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5 Unusual Types of Milk Consumed Around the World

There few examples of staple food items that shaped human civilization throughout the history like milk, as this nutritious liquid has been vastly consumed for at least 7,000 years. While globally, cow-milk based dairy products are by far the most widespread type, there are parts of the world where other sorts of milks are consumed regularly, five of which are particularly bewildering to grasp.

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Off the Beaten Path

8 Non-Touristy Things to See and Do in Chicago

The birthplace of the modern skyscraper, Chicago is globally renowned for so many things. Given everything the city has to offer, it attracts millions of visitors annually, domestic and international alike, swarming the myriad architectural wonders and world-class museums, yet despite its popularity, Chicago still has interesting places where tourists rarely visit.

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Rural Photography

The Magnificent Village of Donja Lokošnica

Unless you are a paprika enthusiast, you’ve probably never heard about the small village of Donja Lokošnica in the outskirts of Niš, the national epicenter of a centuries-old tradition of pepper cultivation, culminating during October when the village is colored in crimson by incalculable amount of paprika peppers hung on every house.

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