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September 20, 2021 17:49

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Unusual Monuments

Þúfa, the Weirdest Tourist Attraction in Reykjavik

Thufa, or Þúfa as it's locally known, is an oddly shaped hillock in Grandi, one of the city's trendiest districts. While this grassy knoll might seem utterly unassuming, it bears an interesting story that resonates with Iceland's history and culture.

skutustaoagigar iceland volcano lake skutustaoagigar iceland fake volcano

Geological Formations

Skútustaðagígar, Iceland’s Fake Volcanoes

While an unsuspecting passerby might mistake Skútustaðagígar’s craters with volcanoes, this series of oddly shaped formations in northern Iceland are in fact the result of a rare geological phenomenon, one of Mývatn Lake area’s most remarkable sites to visit.

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Remote Islands

5 Things to Do in Devon Island, the Largest Uninhabited Island in the World

Roughly the size of New York State, Devon is the largest uninhabited island anywhere in the world, with little or no fauna and flora, the island’s frozen wasteland bears an uncanny resemblance to Mars, making it a favorable environment for space research among scientists.