The World's Lesser Known Places

January 21, 2022 01:23

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The 5 Tallest Chimneys in the World

Perching on top of mundane houses, jutting out of a car factory or conspicuously towering over a power plant, chimneys come at many shapes and sizes. While most chimneys barely exceed a couple of meters, some reach a gargantuan size, so much so, that even Santa Claus will have to resort to parachute landing to overcome their sheer height.

mehrgon market dushanbe tajikistan spices mehrgon market dushanbe tajikistan building


Mehrgon Market in Dushanbe, the City’s Temple of Traditional Food

The city’s newly built Mehrgon Market might seem too sterile at first, yet it best reflects the former soviet republic’s quest for a new national identity.

londrangar iceland view londrangar iceland rock meadow

Natural Monuments

Lóndrangar, Iceland’s Formidable Rock Formation

With only a handful of manmade landmarks, it seems as if mother nature is behind all of the region’s unmissable monuments. Often dubbed as the “Rocky Castle”, Lóndrangar is a pair of volcanic columns that together form a remarkable fortress-shaped crag.