The World's Lesser Known Places

March 1, 2024 05:55

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Have a glimpse of the world's lesser known countries, cities, towns, villages and places

Distrito Graffiti Bogota Colombia 3 Distrito Graffiti Bogota Colombia 10

Street Art

Distrito Graffiti, Bogota’s Street-Art District

Distrito Graffiti in Bogota is a formerly gritty area of the city where grey walls were replaced with a slew of breathtaking murals.

Sparky Park Austin Texas 8 Sparky Park Austin Texas 1

Quirky Art

Sparky Pocket Park in Austin, Texas – Art and Urban Regeneration

Sparky Park in Austin features an eccentric grotto wall and numerous alien-like karst stone structures, boasting a unique blend of urban regeneration and art.

Edinburgh of the Seven Seas Tristan da Cunha 1 b Siorapaluk Greenland 8

Remote Places

The 10 Most Remote Inhabited Places in the World

Whether it is the lack of infrastructure, hostile environment or a physical barrier, the following 10 places retained their isolation amid our ever-globalized era.