Q- Who are we?

A- We are a global community of content creators bound by their sheer curiosity to explore our remarkable planet, for more details please check About us


Q- What is our goal?

A- We wish to uncover as many secrets as possible while providing a different angle on overly visited places, encouraging travelers to be more than just guidebook outputs and explore by themselves unusual facets of any destination they opt to visit.


Q- What does “Explanders” mean?

A- Explanders is the plural merging of the words Explore and Land, reflecting our aforementioned goal of exploring the planet, rather than simply following the usual touristic path as a passive participant.


Q- Who can write for us?

A- Whether you are a local resident who knows about hidden gems or a well experienced traveler who wish to share his insights, all you must have are decent skills in both English and article writing, and the propensity to delve deep into interesting unknown aspects of anything you choose to write about.


Q- Which parts of the world we cover?

A- Each and every cranny on earth holds something interesting to behold at, yet our mission is to rediscover densely visited cities like Paris and London, while also providing a glimpse at countries you’ve probably never heard of like Tonga or Suriname.


Q- Why do we recommend visiting mundane places?

A- We often take for granted suburbia or unglamorous towns, ignoring what possibly can make us experience a country far better than solely adhering to what guidebooks tell us to see and do, therefore, our content tries to open your eyes for a different type of vacation, more localized and experiential.


Q- How can you contact us?

A- You can email us at [email protected] or leave a comment on our suggestion box.


Q- Who can advertise on “Explanders”?

A- We welcome all people and companies regardless of country of origin or specialization, for more details please check advertise or simply contact us at [email protected].