About us

Explanders was co-founded by Omri Westmark and Sinéad Browne as a platform for travel journalism, where some of the world’s lesser-known places can emerge from the shadow of their more famous counterparts.


Omri is a full-time architect, but also a passionate traveler who is keen on exploring remote and off-the-beaten-path locations whenever he can. In 2020, just as Covid-19 swept through country after country, he established Explanders as an answer to all of those who wish to keep on traveling without the crowds, as is usually the case when visiting unfamed sites.


Several months into the project, Omri came across Sinéad on Instagram and the latter volunteered to write a guest post. Since then, Sinéad and Omri collaborate together to shed a light on various fascinating places in every region of the planet.


Hailing from Ireland, Sinéad is always looking for an opportunity for unusual adventures and has a particular affinity for street art and abandoned places. For Sinéad, travel is all about curiosity, common threads despite cultural differences and getting outside your comfort zone to gain new perspectives.


Sinéad has been working with Explanders since 2020, both as a regular contributor with articles about places she has visited and in a broader role involving managing and curating website and social media content.