The House at 2 Hallam Street, Toronto

2 Hallam Street’s quirky façade

photography by: Omri Westmark

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In a world where GPS navigation reigns supreme, building number plaques become less and less relevant with every year that passes. That is, unless you are talking about the villa on Toronto’s Hallam Street. Conspicuous by its oversized street number, this house has been raising eyebrows among passersby and neighbors since its recent completion.

Up until 2019, the building on Hallam Street No.2 in Dovercourt Village was just an unassuming single-story bungalow, almost entirely obscured by luxuriant trees. In a matter of only one year, however, it metamorphosed into one of the neighborhood’s most eye-catching houses, capturing the attention of anyone passing by.


As part of the renovation works, the house was expanded both vertically and horizontally, with a second floor being constructed atop the existing one. Instead of a nondescript brick façade, the edifice now boasts a pair of windows, each of which features an exceedingly bulky casing, painted in yellow and green.


Nevertheless, it is rather the giant number sign which sets this house apart from its nearby counterparts. With the digit “two” imprinted on roughly a third of the frontage, 2 Hallam St. is not merely unignorable, but also ridiculously easy to find.


Following its rebirth, the building has sparked numerous conflicting reactions among Torontonians. While some deem it as an eyesore, others seem to like it, particularly couriers and postal workers, for whom the house saves precious time during a busy workday.