Nachum Tower, Bat-Yam – Arguably, the World’s Ugliest Building

Migdal Nachum, arguably the ugliest building in the world

photography by: Omri Westmark

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Despite the common belief that beauty is subjective, it is a measurable quality to some extent. Likewise, the low end of the scale is also open for debate. In fact, at the end of 2022, an unassuming edifice in one of Tel Aviv’s satellite cities had the dubious honor of being unofficially dubbed “the world’s ugliest building”, bestowing it with a dash of quirky fame.

Since the dawn of human civilization, stately buildings have been the subject of awe and reverence, with some monuments even becoming synonymous with entire cities or nations. However, alongside the long list of visually appealing buildings exists a rather controversial category, comprised of edifices whose unsightly appearance earned them a great deal of scorn.


Located few kilometers south of downtown Tel Aviv, the city of Bat-Yam has no shortage of dilapidated houses within its confines. To accommodate Israel’s ever-growing population, over the last decade or so, many of these old buildings were demolished in favor of urban renewal projects, particularly super-tall residential towers.


One edifice which managed to dodge this very fate, has recently came into the spotlight when an unofficial survey in Reddit dubbed it as “the ugliest building in the world”, making headlines across the city and country. Constructed in the mid-1960’s, Nachum Tower is a 13-story building, located at Sderot Ha’atzmaut 67 (translated as the Independence Boulevard), right in the middle of Bat-Yam city center.


Home to a clinic, an elderly care center, a synagogue as well as a shopping arcade, the building has seen better days, with its façade becoming yellowish and cluttered with makeshift modifications overtime. According to local residents, Nachum Tower is far from being a mere eyesore and only needs a minor face lift. Whether this building lives up to its unflattering title is up for you to decide, one thing is clear though, its unruly exterior is impossible to ignore.