Modern Toilet Restaurant in Shilin, Taipei’s Poo-Themed Eatery

The Modern Toilet Restaurant in Shilin, Taipei

photography by: Omri Westmark

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With restaurants decorated as a jailhouse, Hello-Kitty wonderworld and even a hospital, the Taiwanese capital is no stranger to quirky dining establishments. In fact, one restaurant in Shilin District offers diners an experience revolved entirely around the smelliest aspect of our existence. As its name suggests, the Modern Toilet Restaurant features a restroom-themed décor, furniture, plates, bowls and food, making an otherwise off-putting thing a whimsical and joyful attraction to visit.

For onlookers who pass by the intersection of Dabei and Wenlin roads in Taipei’s Shilin District, the unassuming edifice, whose façade is adorned with a giant sanitary fixture, might look at first like a bathroom supply store. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth, as this 3-story building is home to one of the city’s most bizarre themed-restaurants.


The aptly-named Modern Toilet Restaurant is entirely dedicated to something we all have in common and rarely brag about, yes! our bodily waste. Featuring a bathroom-style space, where lavatory seats are used as chairs and poop-shaped pillows and figurines add their fair share of toilet humor, this eatery is a surreal place to dine in.


Likewise, the wide plethora of Taiwanese and western-style edibles also lives up to the place’s crappy name, with all food items served in either bathtub-shaped bowls or miniature potties, and drinks appropriately provided in a mini-urinal. While the food is mediocre at best, the feces-infused vibes definitely make this culinary oddity a worthy attraction to visit.


According to founder Dao Ming Zi, the concept for the restaurant was inspired by a poop-loving robot who was featured in the manga series of Dr.Slump, where he playfully twirled a pink-hued feces with a twig. During its heyday, the Modern Toilet restaurant comprised of 19 branches across Taiwan and Hong Kong. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, the chain was forced to close most of its locations, with the aforementioned restaurant left as the sole survivor in Taipei.