Dolce By Wyndham, Hanoi’s Golden Hotel

Dolce By Wyndham’s gilded façade as viewed from the nearby lake

photography by: Omri Westmark

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Amid the hectic and smog-ridden streets of Hanoi, it is often challenging to come across a grime-free building. One striking exception, though, is a brand-new 5-star hotel in the city’s Giang Vo ward. Featuring a sleek façade with gold-infused tiles, Dolce By Wyndham imbues the local skyline with an amber-hue that casts a radiant glow across the often hazy skies. With a gold-drenched décor that encompasses both the interior and exterior, the hotel has now become a quirky tourist attraction rather than being a mere place of accommodation.

In a city where constant smog rapidly turns almost all buildings into a grungy eyesore, glossy skyscrapers stand out as a surreal sight. Notorious for its thick haze and incessant hubbub of motorbikes, the Vietnamese capital has been peppered with glitzy towers in recent years, somewhat mitigating its unkempt character.


Perhaps the most notable of Hanoi’s newly built high-rises is the gold-imbued hotel by the name of Dolce By Wyndham. Completed in 2020 after over a decade of construction works, this 5-star hotel strikingly features a glistening façade comprised of 5,000 square meters of Japanese ceramic tiles, which are in turn coated with real 24 Karat gold.


If you were wondering, the building’s obsession with gilt doesn’t end at its exterior. In fact, gold-plated cutlery, mugs, mirrors, bathtubs, infinity pool and even toilet seats make this place akin to a royal palace. Nestled along the murky Giang Vo Lake, the 25-story hotel offers a wide array of rooms, whose price tag ranges from 150 to 500 USD.


Luckily though, visitors who don’t have the extra money to spend, can still awe at the edifice’s vividly gilded façade, explore its sumptuous lobby or grab gold-infused edibles at one of its three restaurants.