David Černý’s Urinating Sculptures, Prague

The peeing statues of Prague (Čůrající Postavy)

photography by: UkillaJJ/ Wikimedia Commons

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For men, the entire world is a one big toilet, and yet relieving oneself in the middle of a public square is often regarded as ill-mannered. That is, unless you are talking about the peeing sculpted men at Prague’s Malá Strana. Armed with a metal appendage that discharges an incessant drizzle of water, this quirky fountain has been steeped in controversy from day one.

Known for his exceedingly provocative style, Czech sculptor David Černý has been peppering Prague with his whimsical works for decades now. In 2004, he created one of his most notable statues – Piss, a fountain comprised of two sculpted male figures whose phallus unendingly ejects a water-made urine.


Located at the courtyard in front of Franz Kafka Museum in Prague old town, the patina-colored bronze sculptures feature a striated texture, as if they were fabricated by a 3D printer. Curiously, what might seem like an arbitrary stream is an in fact a well-calculated movement. Equipped with a rotating pelvis and a wiggling wiener, the pair meticulously controls the movement of its watery pee to inscribe letters across the surface of the water in the fountain’s basin.


While for the most part, the various words constitute a medley of phrases taken from famous Czech poems and novels, sometimes however, the two statues quiver their bronze genitals at the whim of nearby gawkers. As it turns out, anyone can command the fountain to write a bespoke message by sending an SMS message to the artwork’s official phone number (+420 724 370 770).


Aside from the tinkling duo, the installation also includes a shallow pool whose shape is modeled after the map of the Czech Republic, or Czechia. This choice of design was no coincidence as Černý opted to walk on thin ice by evoking all sorts of responses. Whether this odd fountain is a mere provocation or an Avant-Garde art is up for you to determine, one fact is evident though, “Piss” is anything but ignorable.