Setas Park, the Mushrooms Park of Córdoba

Omri Westmark

photography by: Setas Park

Reading time: minutes

Most, if not all parks around the world contain at least some shred of greenery, that is unless you are talking about Setas Park in Córdoba. You won't find here any trees, lawns or shrubs, as instead of the usual stuff we all associate with the term "park", are dozens of modern mushroom-shaped sculptures that serve as a marketplace twice a week.

Nestled in Córdoba’s neighborhood of Arroyo del Moro, right next to the main railroad, Setas Park has neither trees, nor manicured hedges or grass, yet what it lacks in vegetation it makes up for in shade-giving sculptures. As its name suggests (translated directly as the Mushroom Park), the 1-hectare park is home to 67 mushroom-shaped sculptures, each of which has a different height and diameter.


As it turns out, all mushrooms feature a vividly colorful roof, including green, purple, yellow and beige hues, but unless you are a bird, or more realistically, an onlooker on one of the surrounding balconies, your chances of enjoying this multicolored mosaic are slim to zero. Be that as it may, you can still effortlessly enjoy the park’s Noreña Market, a local fair that takes place every Tuesday and Friday between 9 AM to 2 PM.


The market along with its 175 stalls offers a wide assortment of garments, flowers, accessories, spices and even a street food booth selling delightful churros and ice cream. The mushrooms park is situated 200 meters away from the Silo of Córdoba, the city’s second tallest building and a hidden architectural gem.